In 2016, Image Access began developing a new type of large format scanner, specifically designed to scan fine art. In March of 2017, the first WideTEK 36ART fine art scanner was introduced at the CeBIT Technology Fair in Hannover, Germany.

Up to now, scanning and digitizing fine art has been done primarily off-site, by photographers with large camera studio setups where the art to be scanned has to be taken out of its environment and brought to the studio. Not only is this a logistical issue but also costly and time consuming. And the work of art is no longer available for viewing until it is returned.

With the introduction of the WideTEK ART scanners, Image Access makes it possible to scan fine art without the need for complicated camera studio setups. Ideally, the scanner can sit in a museum for scanning entire collections or can be driven around in a mobile setup. An ingenious system for space-saving transport, as well as simple and fast setup and dismantling make the scanner the ideal mobile tool for digitization service providers, which can now deliver their services directly in the museums, galleries or exhibitions.

With its WideTEK and Bookeye large format scanners, Image Access has the widest portfolio of products in the industry. Archives, libraries, museums, government, and industry can digitize wide format originals up to 60 inches wide with book scanners, flatbed scanners, sheetfed scanners, and the unique art scanner WideTEK 36ART.

Scan flat
Scan with light texture
Scan with strong texture

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