Bookeye BE5-V3 Basic
Bookeye BE5-V3 Kiosk

Scan2Net® Technology as the Basis of the Bookeye® Book Scanner

The Scan2Net® technological platform forms the basis of all Bookeye® book scanners and WideTEK® large format scanners. Scan2Net® eliminates the need for proprietary drivers and interface cards and uses what is currently the fastest, open connection to PC-based systems: TCP / IP over Ethernet.

Scan2Net® - the firmware kernel on all Image Access scanners - is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, and all Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

The numerous new features of HTML5 markup language, which is already implemented in most browsers, further extend the capabilities of the scanners.

Bookeye BE5-V3 Professional
Bookeye BE5-V3A Automatic

A 64-bit Linux-based, virus-protected operating system enables faster internal processing of the image data and optimizes the scanning process.

The latest generation of Intel processors makes Scan2Net devices highly energy efficient. Thanks to the 8 GB of RAM, very large volumes of data can be processed at remarkable speeds and virtually unlimited job sizes are possible.

All Bookeye® book scanners are CE, UL, cUL, WEEE, RoHS and Energy Star compliant.

Bookeye BE5-V2 Basic
Bookeye BE5-V2 Kiosk
Bookeye BE5-V2 Professional
Bookeye BE5-V2A Automatic

Major international Bookeye book scanner installations include:

- In National Libraries (India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, Nigeria, Norway)
- In National Archives (Venezuela, Seychelles, Estonia)
- In universities (Queens University Belfast, Harvard University, USA, Benaras Hindu University in India, King Saudi University, University of Bratislava, Universidad de las Americas, Mexico)
- In museums (The Museum of Modern Art, National Museum, New Delhi) And in many, much other public and private institutions

With its WideTEK and Bookeye large format scanners, Image Access has the widest portfolio of products in the industry. Archives, libraries, museums, government, and industry can digitize wide format originals up to 60 inches wide with book scanners, flatbed scanners, sheet fed scanners, and the unique art scanner WideTEK 36ART.

Bookeye BE5-V2 Archive
Bookeye BE5-V2S Semiautomatic
Bookeye BE5-V1A Professional
Bookeye BE5-V1A-C50

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